Moose Return to Blue Valley Ranch

The moose (Alces alces) often return to Blue Valley Ranch in late winter, around mid-March, but sometimes we notice the signs of their presence long before we actually see them.  We finally got a picture of this pair in April.


A moose‘s warm coat, long legs and browsing habits makes it quite well adapted to surviving long, harsh winters in the mountains, but this mother and calf might be looking a little worn after  5 months of snow and cold.


Though these are the first to arrive, the ranch often sees a dozen or more animals through the summer, mostly along the Blue River corridor.


Moose (referred to as elk in Europe) survive well on a browsing diet, such as the buds and twigs from these willows.  However, they are no doubt looking forward to some green in the next few weeks as the valley finally pulls out of winter and into spring.


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