About BVR

For over 20 years Blue Valley Ranch has been practicing land stewardship in Grand and Summit Counties of the North-Central Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  The ranch strives to be a leader in conservation and a model for what integrated resource management can accomplish on private lands in the Western United States.  The ranch’s legacy of land stewardship began with a conservation vision in 1994, and a focus on science-based, adaptive management principles has guided the ranch in building natural resource, wildlife, agriculture and recreation programs ever since.  The successful integration of diverse programs is what makes Blue Valley Ranch unique among most ranching operations, while also presenting the single greatest challenge for management.

When ecological timescales in Western landscapes span decades to centuries, twenty years is only a moment in which to make a positive impact.  By holding to a vision of conservation, however, positive actions today can continue to bear fruit for generations to come.  This kind of long-term thinking requires vision and planning, which is exactly what has made the ranch the special place it is today.  While making a good reputation even better will be a challenge, it is a challenge that the Blue Valley Ranch looks forward to implementing for decades to come.

Blue Valley Ranch – Supporting the Community from Sherry on Vimeo.