Happy Mother’s Day!

Calving season is wrapping up on Blue Valley.  This is one of the last remaining heifers to calve this year, and she picked a great day to become a first-time mom!  This calf was born only minutes before these photos were taken, and he is just getting his legs under him.


The first order of business for newborns of any ungulate species (that is, hooved mammals), is to get on their feet as soon as possible.

GettingUp1  GettingUp2

GettingUp3  Getting Up 4


Next, it’s time for breakfast, which is just as important as those first steps.

Breakfast1  Breakfast2


That first drink of milk is very critical as it contains colostrum, which all mammals produce in the late stages of pregnancy.  Colostrum consists of important antibodies for the calf’s immunity, as well as being high in protein and nutrients.  Looks like this newborn will be just fine.


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