Deer Fawn in the Sage

Most big game species tend to give birth around the summer solstice, so late June is good time to keep an eye out for newborns. We recently caught this mule deer fawn, likely only hours old, hiding in the sagebrush.  Its mother exhibited the same behavior that we observed in a new elk mother only a week or so ago, and tried to lead us away.  But, we took advantage of the opportunity and, once again, snapped a few photos before leaving the pair in peace.


Just like an elk calf, the spots on a deer fawn help them blend into their hiding place.


Here’s the view from the other side of the sagebrush.  His mother found a pretty good spot to hide.


A little closer with the telephoto lens.


As close as we want to get.

Mule deer often have twins, but this one seems to be by himself.  Probably good for him, as the drought this year is already making it difficult for Mom to find good forage.

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