Construction of the First Wildlife Overpass in Colorado

The State Highway 9 Safety Project reached an exciting milestone last week, as construction began on the first wildlife overpass in the state of Colorado.


The structure is one of two overpasses, and one of seven total wildlife crossings planned for the project, which will be completed in November of 2016.  The project also includes wildlife fencing, some highway re-alignment, the addition of 8-foot shoulders, and upgrading of several drainage culverts underneath the highway.


It was a beautiful fall day as cranes carefully placed each of the pre-cast concrete sections over the highway to form the overpass.  Traffic was temporarily shut down during this process for safety, but resumed once all of the sections were secured in the footers.  Next, the structure will be covered entirely with soil and seeded with native grasses and forbs to make a land bridge that wildlife can use to cross the highway.


The overpasses have long been a highlight of the project since even the early planning stages.  They have helped garner both excitement and support for the Highway 9 Project for years, so seeing the first one under construction is a thrill for the BVR staff and the local community.


For updates on construction, information about the project, and reports on the progress of the project, CDOT’s project page contains links to information and a sign-up for project updates.


Special thanks to CDOT for the photos!


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